a dialogue with God

Recently, we could see in most medias human speaks up about God’s verses. That the verses reflected in a sound that most people believe are true is easy. But, is the meaning of God’s will like what the speaker explained that God’s will is nisbi, could not easily be claimed as right or wrong. God’s will had happened hundreds or even thousand years ago, then how could we assure ourselves what we could understand what the Prophet understood? Isn’t that arrogance? While the nature of the teaching of God does not want any presence of vanity.

Someone who reads the holy book and understands what God wants, as exactly as what the Prophets could understand, essentially means the person has had a dialogue with God. This kind of person (if he also tries to find out the essence of the descending of holy book) will be far from the nature of being arrogant. He realizes God always smiles upon him based on what he has read from the holy book. This person’s live will be full of affection. This man will be away from envy, hatred, even evil.

The world development nowadays needs more man who could have a dialogue with God, not the man who says could ‘understand the holy book’ but never feels ‘the beauty of God’s smile’. Let’s invite more people to read the holy book and prove that God has placed love in this universe. Our belief of ‘God never sleeps’ makes us to not use violence against other humans. The awareness of ‘God is always with us’ will increasingly make our life meaningful. This kind of thing that has been lost from those officials who now ended up in prison because of corruption.

People also need to always remind each other that self-righteousness is not needed. God always gives real evidences to show which of His servants that have had a dialogue with Him. The world is already at the peak of its chance to human to make the greatest civilization. Life now is not giving any chance to God’s worshipper to waste meaningless time. Let’s work, work, work. God will guide anyone who wants to have a dialogue with Him.

There are also people who waste time to curse, feel as the only righteousness, and to state as the one who understand the holy book the most, we should remind them wisely and politely. If there is no more way to remind them, just keep patience, let God show His magnificence. We do not need to punish them, because there are officers, prosecutors, judges, even armies. We just need to educate, create next generation that will make officers, prosecutors, judges, and armies will be proud of their next generation that has been ready to welcome the future of human civilization.

Human does not need to be the righteous. Because probity and willingness of understanding the holy book will bring human to the real light. Teacher has a role as a leader. Those who will give an example should have had a dialogue with God. God with His mercy will shine pupils who respect teachers’ love. What a wonderful future if people have nobles heart.

Teachers with their modesty will build characters of their students to be generation with noble purpose to build human civilization. Students inherit teachers’ noble attitude and personality promoter of man development process. The new world with its civilized people will be born surprisingly and wittily. People will enjoy the last seconds of the world happily. What a wonderful if having a dialogue with God could be accomplished.

So? Are we still doubting that God never sleeps? Let’s read the holy book. Let’s have a dialogue with God.

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