List of Vegetables for Weight Loss And 4 Tips to Cook it Rightly. Are you looking for a list of vegetables for weight loss? Each diet plan for weight loss must insert vegetables as the food list. However, it is not something difficult and miserable for vegetable lovers. Even though, it feels difficult for you who dislike this food. There are a lot of vegetables around you which espouse your diet plan. You can read the list of vegetables that are good for weight loss here and choose some of them. Get your favorite vegetables and start your diet soon!

List of Vegetables for Weight Loss

List of Vegetables for Weight Loss

List of Vegetables for Weight Loss around You

Using vegetables as the best and effective diet plan is not wrong. This food is easy to find, inexpensive, and easy to cook. The list of vegetables for weight loss today exists around you. Some of them help you to flatten your fatty belly. Here are five vegetables to lose weight and deflate your stomach:

Green vegetables

There are many green vegetables in the world such as spinach, kale, lettuce, and so forth. The green vegetables contain high nutrients and help to burn fat on the stomach. You can add this menu to your breakfast and or lunch.


Nuts are one of the healthiest foods that are very good for removing belly fat. This is because nuts are rich in soluble fiber that fights inflammation which causes accumulation of abdominal fat. Some studies also link peanuts and reduce the risk of obesity.


Cucumber is a fruit that can be a good snack. This fruit or vegetable can detoxify your body’s system. This helps burn fat because cucumber is very low in calories.


Carrots are the best low-calorie vegetables for your weight loss. This is because carrots are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. Juice or saute carrots along with other fruits or vegetables.


Mushrooms have been known to be good for losing weight, burning fat, and regulating glucose levels in the blood. Mushrooms are also rich in protein which can increase metabolism and eliminate fat.

Do you still need the other vegetables? You can take chili, pumpkin, asparagus, and so on.

How to cook the right Vegetable

Most people are wrong in cooking vegetables. They cook in a long time so that the nutritional value decreases and even disappears. It makes your plan to diet from the list of vegetables for weight loss in vain. Improve the way you cook from now on with the following tips:

Do not soak vegetables

The right way must come from the washing process. Do not soak the vegetables but wash it with running water. Soaking vegetables can eliminate vitamin C which is very susceptible to water, heat, and air. Simply use running water to remove dirt, bacteria, germs, and pesticides.

Cut it in large shapes

Cut the vegetables in large shapes to maintain the nutritional content. You can also boil whole vegetables then cut them after they are cooked.

Keep water, temperature, and time when cooking

Pay attention to time, temperature, and also the minimum amount of water for cooking. Too long time, high temperature and the amount of liquid will eliminate nutrients in the vegetables.

Choose the right cooking method

There are four ways to cook the right vegetables. You can steam, boil, saute, and bake vegetables. Do it rightly!

Once again, the list of vegetables for weight loss above is easy and cheap. Even though, you must be careful in cooking the vegetables.


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